The Fine Art of Brenda Beriault
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Giclée Prints:

The term Giclée originated in 1991 to distinguish "fine art prints", created with digital output, from those prints that were created for "non-art" or commercial purposes. The word Giclée (pronounced "jee-clay") derives from the French words gicleur (nozzle) and spray (gicler). Directly translated, Giclée means "spray nozzle", which describes how most digital printers direct ink onto various materials. Our Giclée prints are printed on high-quality canvas using pigmented inks which are designed to resist fading. This makes the print water-resistant and archival. It has also been sealed with a UV resistant varnish to further prolong the print life, even if it is not placed behind glass. Print permanence testing (measured at 450 lux simulating ideal museum and gallery conditions) by Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc., Grinnell, Iowa, concluded that print life will exceed 120 years.

Prints come numbered and signed by the artist. Prints are limited to 100 of each.